Recipe Roundup: Healthy Bites Your Whole Family Will Love

Risa Groux, CN
 | Published: 
October 25, 2021

Healthy Bites Your Whole Family Will Love

Banana Muffins

Once your kids try a bite of these muffins, they'll want more! Try them fresh out of the oven on a Sunday morning for best taste, but these are also convenient to refrigerate and grab n'go on busy weekday mornings.

Chicken and Spinach Burgers

Busy work night? Perfect! This easy, delicious recipe will turn into a kitchen staple due to how easy it is to make, and how incredibly scrumptious these burgers are! Great for lunches the next day. Serve them on lettuce or a gluten free bun, add avocado slices on top for maximum enjoyment!

Collagen Hot Chocolate

Sweater weather is in full affect. Treat yourself, with added health benefits, to this amazing hot chocolate. Gut friendly and kid-tested- the kids will request this on those cold, rainy days and nights making it easy to say yes to dessert!

Chicken Noodle Soup

Sick kids? Or just in the mood for a classic? Look no further! Whip this together to help with immunity and gut healing. The aroma while it is cooking will have your whole family excited for dinner!

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