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We’ve been fed countless “solutions” for our weight loss and wellness concerns for years that leave us with more questions and less-than-fabulous results.  We’re all a bit diet-fatigued! Through my 10+ years of working with clients to create sustainable nutrition for their health status and lifestyle, I know that not every diet is right for every person. To achieve lifelong change, we have to learn which foods are fit for us and which aren’t.

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Can’t seem to lose weight or keep it off? Feeling more sluggish and achy than you used to? Find your color group and get matched with the eating lifestyle that’s the best fit for you.

RGN Detox

The RGN detox with all its benefits, not only cleans out the body but helps to kick start your new eating lifestyle.


The majority of people fall into this color group, as this color group includes anyone without root issues. This color group thrives on a Paleo eating lifestyle. Compliance is easy with minimal restrictions while achieving all the numerous health benefits. You can attain wellness along with weight loss.


Those in the Magenta color group do well with Keto, which switches the body’s fuel source from carbohydrates to fat. This requires high quality fat intake of 70% or higher and very little carbohydrates while eliminating all forms of sugar including fruit. This is best suited for anyone with blood sugar dysregulation such as pre-diabetes, diabetes, insulin resistance, or cancer. Many people lose weight will adhering to Keto.


If you or a close family member has an autoimmune disease, this is the color group for you. People in this color group do well with an AIP eating lifestyle, an elimination program that removes inflammatory foods while healing the gut. It removes potential allergen foods that can contribute to a perpetual attack on the body that is meant for thirty to ninety days. 


This color group enjoys an exclusive plant lifestyle which eliminates anything made from an animal. If adhered to with great compliance, it can support heart health and can help protect against some cancers.


This color group thrives on a Low Lectin eating lifestyle that removes all anti-nutrients that can cause inflammation and pour digestion. It enhances the foods that heal the body while decreasing inflammation. This color group is perfect for anyone with inflammation or sugar dysregulation.


If you have IBS or experience regular bloating, frequent constipation or diarrhea, this color group is for you. The Low FODMAP eating lifestyle is designed to starve the bacteria that lives in the small intestines which should be in the large intestines. It is designed as an elimination diet for thirty to ninety days while restrictions begin to lift as time goes on.

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RGN Detox

RGN Detox

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