Achieving Optimal Thyroid Health

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Course FAQs

When does the class start?
Can I go through this program at my own pace and can I repeat/ skip modules?
Will I have a list of what tests to order for my doctor?
What if my doctor won’t order the test?
Can I get my money back if I don’t like AOTH?
Can I join this program if I live outside of the US?
What else is included with the course?
Can I work with Risa individually?
How long can I have access to AOTH?
What if I have questions during the course? Will someone be able to help me?
I’m on medication and my doctor told me that’s all I can do for my Autoimmune Thyroid Disease. Why do I need to be a part of this program?
Will this course give me enough information to heal my thyroid issues?
What is functional nutrition?
I haven't been diagnosed with thyroid disease, is this course for me?
Will you cover people taking thyroid medication, people without a thyroid and people with thyroid nodules?
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