Recipe Roundup: Keto

Risa Groux, CN
 | Published: 
July 26, 2021

A ketogenic diet helps weight loss and may provide many health benefits, especially with metabolic, neurological, or insulin-related diseases. Here are a few of Risa's recipes that are keto approved!

  1. Keto Cobb Salad
This simple, yet filling keto salad is packed with yummy fats on top of fresh, baby spinach.

  1. Keto Key Lime Pie
Reward yourself and indulge in this guilt-free keto pie that includes avocado, coconut cream, and ghee.

  1. Coconut Curry Salmon
This keto inspired dish highlights the healthy fats with a delicious, creamy curry unlike anything you've tried before!

  1. Coco Avocado Shake
Get your day started with this blend of coconut milk, greens, avocado, and collagen protein.

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