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This color group enjoys an exclusive plant lifestyle which eliminates anything made from an animal. If adhered to with great compliance, it can support heart health and can help protect against some cancers.

All vegetables
legumes, dairy (only for vegetarians/non-vegans)
processed foods
quality and processed oils

All animal protein
dairy (for vegans)

Optimize your total body wellness
with FoodFrame™ in four steps

Step 1

Now that you’ve completed step 1 and have been matched with your FoodFrame™, here’s what to do next to apply the FoodFrame™ Method to your everyday lifestyle and within as little as a week see:

• Weight loss
• Less joint pain
• Boosted energy
• No more sugar and carb cravings

• A decrease or elimination of headaches
• Clearer skin
• Elimination of brain fog
• Better regularity


Clean the slate with the RGN Detox

Every FoodFrame™ journey starts with a purification of the body so that it functions optimally.  We accumulate toxins everyday that live in fat cells and tissues that get reabsorbed into the body. The RGN Detox with all its benefits not only cleans out the body but helps to kick start your new eating lifestyle.

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Boost results with recommended products for your FoodFrame™

Vitamin D3 Ultra with K

D3 Ultra with K

Vitamin D is critical for immunity, gut, brain, heart, and thyroid.  We have a D receptor site in every cell in the body.  D is essential for making bone.
RGN Detox

B Ultra

B mostly comes from animals so it's critical to supplement.  Supports adrenal, gut, RNA and DNA, and methylation.
Mint Chocolate Bar

Enzyme Max

Digestive enzymes for efficient digestion of protein, fat and carbs.  Creates a healthy microbiome. Minimizes or eliminates bloating and indigestion. Not for anyone with ulcers.
Collagen Protein (Vanilla)

Gut Reboot

L-Glutamine and other nutrients to repair the intestinal lining and leaky gut.

Hear from other Vegan Frames how the
FoodFrame™ Method worked wonders for them!

"Less than a year later, I’ve lost more than 50 pounds and feel like a new person. I’m no longer on any medications. Friends and family are astounded by my transformation — they tell me that I look more than ten years younger. My husband was so impressed by my results that he ended up seeing Risa too, and my two teenagers followed suit not long after. In the end, Risa has transformed not only my health, but my entire family’s well being. We are so grateful and only wish that we’d gone to see Risa sooner."

Andy P.
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