Achieve Optimal Thyroid Health

Take control of your wellbeing and achieve optimal thyroid health! Live symptom free, and even reverse your thyroid disease. This self-paced course is a comprehensive guide for how to optimize your thyroid and heal using my essential “root cause” approach.

Achieving Optimal Thyroid Health Course Includes:
-9 Jam-Packed Modules-Everything you need to know to optimize your thyroid.
-2.5 hrs of fast-paced, on point video you can watch, and re-watch, for complete understanding.
-20+ workbook pages and downloads to understand your specific condition
-Lifetime access to the course content and all the downloads
Proprietary supplementary resources including:
-Root Cause Self-Assessment
-The Thyroid Supplement Guide
-Toxicity Questionnaire
-Supplement Planner
-Extensive list of Foods to Avoid and Food to Enjoy Freely (BONUS: 10% off any specialty-formulated RGN supplement)


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